Saturday, July 19, 2008

notes from the forest-dweller

Heya kids. I know it's been an age since I wrote any kind of update. Here are the latest news bulletins, ponderings, and other stuff:

- I've finally begun working on a detective story. A post-apocalyptic detective story, to be precise. No, you can't read it yet. But I thought I'd announce it, so if you're ever hanging out with me and I get this vague distant look in my eyes, you'll know I'm probably plotting murder.

- One of my oldest friends is getting married today! I'm so excited for her.

- I've started working as a tech at the hospital. This means several things:

a) I get a small raise, in theory at least
b) my feet hurt when I get off work
c) to trade-off for the feet hurting, I get a lot more introvert time in a workday
d) (best for last) every day, I get to see the weird, messy, and thrilling event that is a birth.

- We're almost through the fourth season of Doctor Who. In spite of a terrific companion (I'd never have guessed I'd become such a Donna fan) it's indisputably the weakest season of the new series so far. But hey, it's Doctor Who -- even when it's bad, it's good. And I hear Steven Moffat is taking over the reins, which can only lead to good things.

- gets major kudos for doing the right thing. I (stupidly) signed up for one of those "free one-month trial, we'll renew you automatically at full price unless you remember to cancel" deals, just so I could get my dad's Father's Day present on time. And of course, I did what everybody does on these deals, and forgot to cancel, and wailed in horror when I saw eighty dollars suddenly subtracted from my account. But Amazon, may a thousand blessings rain upon their heads, has a policy whereby if you cancel before you ever use their service, they'll refund your money. And they stick to it! So kudos to Amazon, who only takes advantage of suckers a little bit.

And to wind up quickly (because I have to go get ready for the wedding now... oh by the way, another person who did the right thing is Jenn, the aforementioned old friend who's getting married today: she picked a very pretty bridesmaids' dress, which I will be able to wear, happily, on many other occasions. Yay Jenn! And congratulations! And have an awesome time in Ireland!)

AHEM. To wind up quickly, despite my tendency to digression and rambling:

- I have rejoined the Jesus club. What? Yes. I know that's an absurdly big announcement to make at the end of a rapid-fire news bulletin, but I want folks to know, and I don't feel like writing a big long blog about it. At least not right now. I'd rather just talk to people about it individually... so if you want to hear more, holler at me and we'll have coffee or I'll write you a letter.